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A Colorful Alternative to Diamonds

Many people today choose colored gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds & colored diamonds to take center stage in their engagement rings.

Rubies have high hardness and durability, which make a great choice for engagement rings. Their red color makes them associated with love and the heart, which to no surprise makes them a popular engagement ring choice. Dark red rubies with vivid saturation, often called "pigeon blood rubies" are the most sought after and valuable. Check out our selection of ruby rings.

Sapphires also make a great choice for engagement rings, with similar durability and hardness. With Sapphires you have many choices, as they naturally occur in almost every color except Red. They are also the second hardest non-diamond gem. We happen to have a wide selection of Sapphire Rings available.

Emeralds, with their deep green color are also a popular choice, albeit one that requires a bit more care. Their unique striations and fractures make them a more delicate stone, that requires special care and regular refinishing, but their stunning color makes it all worth it.

Colored Diamonds are a rarity, and thus unique. Pink diamonds are the most rare of all diamonds, but colored diamonds also come in yellow, green, black and champagne.

We have a wide variety of gemstone rings as well as loose gemstones available to make your engagement ring dreams come to life. Shop our Engagement Rings, Gemstone Rings, or consider creating a custom bridal piece!

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